Snorkeling Activity

If snorkeling is your thing, you will find the ideal place in the middle of the incredible coral reefs that grow in the water protected by the natural bay. There, you will see tropical fish, live corals and numerous types of crustaceans.

Our boat excursions to the reef offer the opportunity to see different coral formations and many of fish.

Our Snorkel plans in Cartagena include equipment (mask, snorkel and fins), snacks and boat transportation.

Precio US$ 55

Snorkeling Activity

What to Expect


One Morning


Salida a Mar: 7:00am – 12:00pm


Our snorkeling plan is not guided, if you require a leader it must be hired in advance and will have an additional cost.

This plan is ideal for people who know how to swim and use snorkel equipment, you can also go in the water with a life jacket to feel safer.


Coral reefs are among the most spectacular ecosystems in the world and snorkeling is an excellent way to explore them. As coral reefs face an increasingly uncertain future, snorkelers and other visitors to coral reefs can play an important role in protecting these fragile ecosystems.

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