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Frequently Asked Questions about Diving

  • What is the price of diving in Cartagena?
    Diving plans from Cartagena to the reefs of Isla Barú, Islas del Rosario, Bajos de Salmedina, and Isla de Tierra Bomba, which are the main nearby destinations, range from US$98 to US$190, depending on the plan, destination, and operator.

  • How many people go with each instructor?
    For safety reasons, the maximum proportion for beginners, uncertified divers, or first-timers is no more than 4 participants per Instructor. For certified divers, the maximum proportion is no more than 6 participants per Instructor or Dive Master. The proportions should be lowered when children or individuals with special needs are involved, or when weather conditions necessitate it.

  • How much are diving classes?*
    Diving classes to obtain PADI certification in Cartagena range from US$455 to US$550. One-day experience courses range from US$135 to US$190.

  • Who can teach a diving class?
    Diving professionals have different levels and roles within diving activities. DIVE MASTERS are the first level of professional certification. They can teach diving classes only in a pool and lead groups of certified divers. They can also assist an instructor who is taking students into the sea. Instructors are the only ones who can take first-timers into the sea, offer tank diving certification courses, and provide one-day experience courses.

  • Where can you snorkel in Cartagena?
    You can snorkel in the nearby insular areas such as the reefs of Isla Barú, Islas del Rosario, Bajos de Salmedina, and Isla de Tierra Bomba.

  • How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Cartagena?
    Swimming with dolphins in the Islas del Rosario can cost around US$70.

  • Where is the best diving?
    The best diving in Cartagena is found in the nearby insular areas. Isla Barú has three sunken ships and a themed park with sculptures that can be seen in a single dive. The Bajos de Salmedina have two sunken ships and impressive walls and reefs. Isla de Tierra Bomba, on its northwest side, has the largest sunken ship in the Colombian Caribbean. The Islas del Rosario are a protected area with coral formations in very good condition and good visibility most of the year.

  • How much does a dive cost in Colombia?
    Colombia has two oceans and many destinations along the coast and insular areas. Prices vary greatly depending on the area you want to visit and the type of infrastructure needed for the activity in each area.

  • How long does a diving session last?
    The duration of a dive depends on the depth and air consumption of each person. Generally, a dive can last between 30 and 60 minutes or more, depending on various factors.

  • How long does a diving class last?
    The theoretical training for a one-day experience course can last about 30 minutes. The same training for the first-level certification course can last about 10 hours.

  • What do you need to practice diving?
    To practice diving, you need enthusiasm and good health. Not all medical conditions or ailments are completely exclusionary, but some require medical authorization for the participant's safety.

  • What do I have to do to start diving?
    To start diving, you must find a professional from an accredited PADI training center.

  • Who can practice diving?
    Anyone from the age of 8 can practice diving.

  • How much does the Open Water course cost?
    Diving classes to obtain PADI certification in Cartagena range from US$455 to US$550.

  • How to tour the Islas del Rosario?
    One of the best options is to hire a private boat. There are also tours on shared boats.

  • What does SCUBA mean in diving?
    SCUBA stands for "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

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