EFR Emergency First Responde Course

Accidents and illnesses can happen any day.

Some people just need a little help while others can be seriously and permanently injured if they don't get help.

By mastering the exercises in the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid) course, you will be able to provide important care to those who need it.

In all our plans you can enjoy photos and videos that are included, long dives of approximately 50 minutes, a variety of tropical fruits for snacks, personalized attention, a professional will accompany you and help you in and out of the water throughout your experience.


Precio US$ 180

EFR Emergency First Responde Course

What to Expect


This course takes place on land in a theoretical-practical session where primary assistance techniques and their application in diving are learned. The duration of the session is 4 hours.


to be programmed


Everything you will need we provide. Includes: Training equipment for First Aid, CPR Doll, PADI Instructor, Theory, Certification.


Our facilities.

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