PADI Specialty Course

PADI Underwater Navigator (1 Day)

3 daytime dives in one day in 3 different scenarios of compass handling and underwater navigation. 

Price: US$360

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox (1 Day)

4 inmersiones diurnas en dos mañanas, especialista en aire enriquecido Nitrox.

Price: US $ 455

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy (1 Day)

2 dives in one morning, buoyancy control technique, body position, swimming and breathing.

Price: US $ 360

PADI Deep Diver (2 Days)

4 deep day dives, on reef walls, with dive computer, breathing technique, buoyancy management at depth, control of daffodils by nitrogen, introduction to dive computers.

Price: US $ 455

PADI Wreck Diving (2 Days)

4 day dives in two days in 4 different wrecks, includes flashlight with batteries, management of safety techniques and problem solving inside the boats.

Price: US $ 455

Especialidades PADI

What to Expect


Open Water Sessions: 7am – 12pm


Everything you will need we provide. Includes: Loan of complete diving equipment, boat transportation, PADI Instructor, Online Theory, Underwater Photographs, Refreshments, PADI Specialty Certification.

In all our plans you can enjoy photos and videos that are included, long dives of approximately 50 minutes, a variety of tropical fruits for snacks, personalized attention, a professional will accompany you and help you in and out of the water throughout your experience.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and enjoy a wonderful experience.


We will find several dive sites in the Barú Archipelago. We will go to the site with the best conditions for the activity.

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