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Our diving environment

The island of Baru, the island of tierrabomba and the reefs of the lighthouse of salmedina and under bubbles near the city of Cartagena have reef barriers that defend it from the waves and allow us to dive every day of the year.

We have dive sites northeast of Baru Island and northeast of Cartagena, the choice of the site is always made the day in question and at the time of sailing, it is very difficult to plan the site from the day before, as factors such as wind, waves, tide, current and visibility, among others; Some of these factors can be predicted with technological aids available, but the visibility or underwater currents, there is no one who anticipates them, you know being on site.

That is why the place where each dive takes place is only chosen until the moment of leaving the bay of Cartagena, since the commitment with you is to offer a magical experience full of colors and unforgettable images, which goes beyond delivering a service for the commitment, if not to share what we like to do in life: Diving!

• We are continuous explorers and what you will see with us no one else will be able to show you!

This is not just a phrase or a slogan; it is a reality. We are constantly investigating sites with navigation charts, GPS, echo sounders and native fishermen of the islands of Baru and Tierrabomba, with the objective of always showing you the most exotic and fun underwater landscapes.

BUZOS DE BARU: Is the dream of a family of divers that turned diving into a lifestyle, using our experience to show you what we know will leave you enchanted and the encounters with the underwater world will mark their lives in an extraordinary way.


BUZOS DE BARÚ - El mejor buceo en Cartagena.
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